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Our Story

While embracing our roots in the streets of Downtown Los Angeles & working with the world’s top creatives and entrepreneurs, we developed a custom curriculum called Story Theory. Teaching Story Theory naturally gave birth to Globalish Institute, an experimental global community based in Los Angeles engaging at the intersection of explosive creativity, applied narrative and profound mentorship. View our media platform @ Globalish.com.

Our Services

In addition to producing our media platform at Globalish.com, we offer Story Theory consulting and mentorship. For more information, contact us @ 323-487-3850.

Group Mentorship

Group Mentorship Pods

  • Story Theory for CEOs, Owners and Executives
  • Story Theory Mentoring for Management Teams
  • Generational Mentorship and Creativity Exchange

1 on 1 Mentorship

Story Theory Mentorship

  • Story Theory for Executives
  • Story Theory for Creatives
  • Story Theory for Seekers & Changemakers

Corporate Consulting

Story Theory Consulting

  • Brand and Foundational Story Development
  • Story Theory for Organizational Development
  • Story Theory Custom Curriculum & Research


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We have decades of experience delivering our research into the largest organizations in the world. Our broad knowledge base ranges from financial fluency and business case development to storytelling, internet marketing and new media.

What We Do

The power of story like you've never experienced.

Real Story

Story is more than something you tell, read or watch. It’s a moving target that comes to life as you live it. Without the proper rooting, you (or your organization) could easily live someone else’s life. Are you interested in the distinctions and markers that will transform your story into its highest and most powerful possibility? We utilize our original work in Story Theory and applied narrative to help you accomplish this very thing.

Real Wisdom

Wisdom is simply having an attuned awareness and allowing that awareness to guide you. To what? To the levers that generate the highest possibility of your own story. Exploring and understanding the distinctions of this story opens the potential for a new, more authentic journey to unfold. Who are you called to be? Wisdom is the path to that outcome. Our mentorship is designed to support your process.

Real Change

Change is elusive in our current world because there is confusion about what real change is. We humans have wonderful conversations, feel good about those conversations, and go home thinking we have done something. Then we are shocked at the state of affairs of our world. Real change arises from understanding and fully living your story’s call. Standing in this wisdom, alive in your own story, is where the playing field exists to enact real change.

Our Team

The Intersection of Creativity and Mentorship

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Ready to learn more about Story Theory and to begin your mentorship experience? Call us @ 323-487-3850. Or email contact@globalish.com.


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